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What we do

The National Committee's main purpose is to select suitable representatives from Malta to attend United World Colleges overseas each year. In addition, some applicants are offered the opportunity to attend UWC Short Courses, which run for 2 weeks in various parts of the world each year. 

It is also an aim of the National Committee to raise awareness of United World Colleges in Malta and ensure wider representation of applicants from different economic and cultural backgrounds, in order to more fairly represent the wide spectrum of Maltese society at the various UWCs.

UWC Malta is a membership organisation for UWC graduates of any nationality living in Malta and both alumni and parents who wish to maintain the UWC 'connection' are encouraged to join UWC Malta as a member and stay in contact. 

The four members of the National Committee are all volunteers who ensure the smooth running of all the selection, outreach and peer-support activities. We always welcome new members and volunteers, so please e-mail us if you would like to get involved.