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Who we are

Mariella Galea - UWC Malta Chair

An experienced and highly qualified Education Officer within the Ministry of Education in Malta, Mariella joined the National Committee in 2016 as Chair, bringing her extensive experience within the educational sphere and passion for diverse education to the UWC table.


Marvic Francalanza - UWC Malta Member

An alumna of UWC Adriatic in Trieste, Marvic has been a dedicated and integral part of the UWC Malta National Committee for over 15 years. 

An inquisitive, adventurous spirit with a love for travel, Marvic brings with her a wealth of experience within the educational realm and is currently teaching at STC Higher Education in Malta.


Claude Bajada - UWC Malta Member

Claude graduated from UWC Pearson in 2004. With a medical degree from the University of Malta, an MSc in cognitive neuroscience from the University College London and a neuroscience-related PhD from The University of Manchester, his inspiring talents are grounded by a humble, good-humoured spirit. Since graduating from UWC, Claude has actively supported and promoted its philosophy across Malta and amongst young adults.


Francesco Cassar - UWC Malta Member

A Malta-based student pilot with a passion for travelling and flying, Francesco is an alum of UWCiM in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After graduating from UWC, and even before, Francesco has actively pursued many career paths to experience and learn multiple aspects of life, and while doing so, discovered that his true passion was in his roots and love for flying all along. He is now actively advocating and mentoring students to never give up on life and to pursue what they really desire.