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One of UWC’s unique features is its network of over 150 national committees around the world. The national committees select the students for our schools and colleges reaching out to their local communities and engaging with young people in their country and territory. Through the outreach and selection work done by the UWC national committees, an UWC education can be granted to students of diverse backgrounds and independent of their ability to pay. Many UWC national committees also organise their own events and summer camps based on the UWC mission and educational model. Most UWC national committees are purely run by volunteers who dedicate their time, expertise and passion to make education a force for peace and a sustainable future.

If you choose to donate to UWC Malta, you will:

  • Fund scholarships for talented students from Malta to access an education that helps them to reach their full potential.
  • Help promote UWC within Malta.
  • Support our selective application process which ensures the most appropriate students benefit from a     UWC education.
  • Help students to prepare for their UWC experience.

How do I donate to a national committee?

E-mail our team at to find out more.